About Dr. Brett

Growing up in Miami, Dr. Brett always has an “all-in” perspective on life! He has spent the majority of his life playing sports and understands the demands that come with being an athlete. His passion for chiropractic was ignited when he endured the physical and mental challenges of back-to-back ACL tears. During his rehabilitation, he was afforded the opportunity to feel the power of chiropractic first-hand. That experience convinced him of the healing beauty and finesse of human hands on traumatic injuries and, maybe more importantly, the power of the human mind and a positive attitude.

Brett completed his Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Central Florida and went on to graduate from Palmer College of Chiropractic where he served as a club facilitator for Kairos Training Culture (KTC). While traveling to different chiropractic seminars, he learned from various leaders in the profession who emphasized the importance of continually refining the art of delivering an honoring, intentional, and powerful chiropractic adjustment.

With a fun, vibrant energy, Dr. Brett aims to deepen people’s connection with the present moment and allow for the full expression of the power within. He is thrilled for the opportunity to be an integral part of The Source Chiropractic team and is committed to delivering individualized care and improving the health and wellness of the St. Pete community!