About Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew is Florida born and raised; as an avid surfer he spends much of his time in the sunshine and saltwater. He was introduced to chiropractic early in life, and owes his successful athletic career to the chiropractic care he received after a severe injury in high school. Dr. Drew went on to excel in Division 1 Cross County and Track at Stetson University, setting multiple school records along the way.

This led him to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic - Florida, the newest campus of the original chiropractic school. While at Palmer Florida, he was selected as a Kairos Training Culture club facilitator, teaching chiropractic artistry, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and foundation training.

Dr. Drew trained directly with internationally renowned Wim Hof, refining his techniques in breathing, meditation, and cold exposure.

After experiencing radical healing from the inside out, Dr. Drew has chosen to give back to the community and share his passion for the art of healing. Dr. Drew takes a fully holistic approach to healthcare, striving to live naturally and abundantly. His aim is to connect people back to their innate healing ability, helping them to evolve into the most optimized version of themselves.