About Dr. Yina

Dr. Yina loves a good coffee because she comes from the beautiful isla of Puerto Rico where Chiropractic found her. She learn about the potential the body has to heal and brought her mom, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, for care. She saw magical results and fell in love with the opportunity to empower people’s bodies by restoring natural body function.

She obtained her Doctor Chiropractic degree at Life University in GA. During her program, she traveled the world 🇨🇴 , 🇩🇴 for mission trips to serve along great masters of Chiropractic and attended over 50 extracurricular seminar. Dr. Yina is also a Lead Facilitator for Kairos Training Culture (KTC) where she travels the country teaching other chiropractors and chiropractic students how to practice chiropractic artistry with power, precision, ease, and connection.

During her journey, Dr Yina feel in love with the birth experience and babies where she decided to focus her approach. She is a Birthfit Leader and Coach where she gain her training in the world of prenatal, birth and postpartum recovery through movement, breath and mindset.

In the pediatric world, she is part of the Pediatric Experience community where she learn the science and impact of chiropractic for babies and kiddos.

Her passion is to educate and empower families early in life about the power we all have to adapt to life.